Alberta Transportation has developed an audit protocol called “Assessment of Regulatory Compliance” (ARC) that meets the National Safety Code (NSC) Standard #15.

The objective of a National Safety Code (NSC) Facility Audit is to collect and evaluate information on a carrier's compliance to their transportation regulatory requirements.

Carriers who have been issued safety permits are subject to periodic audits. In addition, carriers can also be selected at random to help ensure the general level of compliance within certain groups of carriers.

As a Certified Third Party Auditor for Alberta Transportation Nick can assist you.

An NSC Audit consists of four compliance areas:

Carrier Safety

insurance policies and compliance with the law;



Driver Profile

driver information including abstracts, licence disclosure, records of collisions and convictions, annual driver review and evidence of corrective action(s) taken by the carrier;

Driver Hours Of Service

daily logs or time records, supporting documents including, but not limited to, fuel bills, toll receipts, accommodation receipts and payroll records;

Vehicle Maintenance

valid Commercial Vehicle Inspection Program (CVIP) certificates, records of CVSA inspections and follow up, trip inspection reports and follow up, records of defect repairs and records of the carrier's preventative maintenance program.



We can complete a pre-audit (mock audit) for consulting purposes only.

This shows the Carrier where their level of compliance is and indicates any deficiencies that need improving such as:

  • Safety maintenance and safety program
  • Level of training for their drivers
  • Hours of Service Compliance
  • Vehicle and Driver Files

We then provide you with a full documented report equivalent to a full Government NSC audit.


Hours of Service Audit

We will review the carrier's operational records and assess compliance in the areas of driver and vehicle files, Provincial or Federal Hours-of-Service regulations, vehicle maintenance, transportation of dangerous goods, safety plan and maintenance plans.

The facility audit will take place primarily at the carrier's principal place of business in Alberta.

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